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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. ♪ ♪ if i loved you jonathan: she is now with her daughter, carrie. the words from the family of debbie reynolds. she died
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tonight, apparently falling ill while planning the funeral of her daughter, carrie fisher. we have reaction to this devastating loss. this week has been an emotional roller coaster for family and friends. first carrie fisher's heart attack and in her passing in death, and now the loss of her mother, debbie reynolds. one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher, debbie reynolds was rushed to the hospital where she died. she was 84 years old. >> ♪ just singing in the rain could sing, dance, and act. she rose to fame in the 1950's musical hit "singing in the rain." she worked in both tv and the movies. her daughter carrie fisher had her own on scream fame --
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on-screen fame. friday, fisher suffered a cardiac arrest on a plane ride home to los angeles. reynolds was planning her funeral when she was rushed to the hospital. when they were together, you could see how much they loved each other. they even lived right next door to each other. jonathan? tonight showing the beginnings of a tribute to debbie reynolds. somebody has placed a single burning candle and a carnation and her hollywood star on the walk of fame. carrie fisher never had a star on the walk of fame, so fans on a blankheir own star. the hollywood chamber of commerce said that nobody nominated fisher, which usually indicates that an actor of her caliber was not interested in having one. they have their own choice.
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to stay in place for a few days for fans. michelle: prince george's county police are stepping up patrols around convenience stores in an to thwart a serial robber who has hit seven different 7-eleven stores. tom roussey joins us. the policing confident he will strike again. tom: they are very worried about that. has hit six he places in prince in the last eight days. he was not done. they think early this morning, after hitting a 7-eleven in prince george's, he did the same thing across the river in alexandria, every time using a gun. tonight, prince george's county police cars are deployed outside of 7-eleven stores in the county because the police believe the same serial robber has hit seven places in eight days, with six of the seven being 7-elevens. >>
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go to 7-eleven very often, so it scares me. tom: very early in the morning, he robbed this 7-eleven on piscataway drive and clinton come his sixth straight robbery and prince george's county. then the police believe he expanded his territory, hitting the 7-eleven in alexandria. so far nobody has been hurt, but the police are worried. >> if some at he tries to stop him, he may use the gun. the robbery stretch from alexandria all the way up to beltsville. the only one that was not a 7-eleven was this dunkin' donuts on allentown road. you can see in the surveillance video it involved some scary moments for the employee. the alleged serial robber takes the whole register tray and leaves. the police believe he is driving a silver chrysler 300, similar to this, and they are on high alert to catch him. >> they need him off the street. tom:
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from montgomery county police they think the same guy has thereted four robberies dating to last year, including a carjacking about a month ago. the police want to get him off the streets. foot 6, 100 30e pounds, and they think he is in his late teens or early 20's. tom roussey, abc 7 news. michelle: metro transit police are looking for their own serial criminals after somebody smashed dozens of car windows at the greenbelt metro station. a spokesperson said the damage started before service started for the day. they have surveillance pictures of some of the people. if you recognize them, call the police. arey: here is what we tracking, the next batch of wet weather arriving early tomorrow morning, just in time to hit the roadways back to work. a.m.,turecast, 7:30
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darker green is heavy to moderate rainfall. this is a cold front. by lunchtime we should have some breaks of sun. early in the morning, we have a winter weather advisory washington and frederick counties, frederick and hagerstown. there could be some slick spots, quickly changing over to all rain. coming up, a look at the extended forecast and new year's eve. jonathan: thank you, molly. and outrage and a d.c. courtroom as the man accused of killing the beloved yoga instructor tricia mccauley faces a judge. >> because of this senseless, insane act, we will never see her again or hear her voice again or see her smile again. >> we cannot get her back, and that is the reality and that is where we stand. jonathan: at least once today, an outburst brought the proceedings to a halt. the man accused in this horrible
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bond, but not before we heard his account of what happened. the police do not buy any of it. tim barber has that part of the storytim: 48 hours after investigators discovered tricia ody, we are hearing about the bizarre confession. duane johnson claims that mccauley offered him a ride and consensual sex. johnson said mccauley became emotional and began to act like she wanted to kill her self. then johnson told detectives he was standing outside of the car as mccauley hung herself with her seatbelt. detectives are not buying the story. the 29-year-old has a long criminal history and was even supposed to have an ankle monitor installed last week, but failed to show up. court records plot his movements in macauley's car after he allegedly abducted the yoga instructor christmas night. he stole soap allegedly
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later that may come a witness spotted johnson near another cvs et, which is where investigators arrested him. in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: remember we told you about the a borst -- outburst in court? it came from a friend of tricia mccauley who yelled out, "he is an animal, he stole my friend." that friend was outraged that ande johnson was arrested was supposed to have an ankle monitor but never had it installed and was released four days before the murder. loss pray to god that our is not something anyone else will have to go through again. jonathan: adding to the frustration was the fact johnson was released and supposed to be fitted with the ankle gps monitor. he skipped that appointment. johnson is due back in court january 13. michelle:
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serious crash, a woman faces a long recovery after she was hit or a car just feet from her front door. she was taking her 11-month-old daughter out of the car when she was struck yesterday afternoon. because the child was still in the car seat, she was not injured. and the car screech impact. then it sounded like the engine was accelerating again. then i heard a woman screaming. it was terrible. michelle: doctors had to andtate part of ortiz's leg repair broken bones in the other leg. they say the driver appeared to be driving erratically. jonathan: an incredible update to the search for a missing woman and her great granddaughter in virginia. a were found alive tonight about
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dinwiddie county, south of richmond. they had vanished traveling from new jersey to north carolina christmas eve. the woman had to be flown to the hospital. her five-year-old great-granddaughter is said to be ok. michelle: the army confirms that two service members died in a helicopter crash in texas. he went down during a training mission this afternoon. witnesses reported hearing a loud boom before the helicopter went down. r wasopter's main roto found on a beach near the crash site. the apache is an attack helicopter armed with machine guns and rockets. 20 years after he murder that incked the nation, a lawsuit the jonbenet ramsey case. who is being targeted and why, a head. jonathan: first, the frightening twist for a missing man. the police are also searching for a woman, caugh
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jonathan: t
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folks may have been slipping when this car came flying through the wall of their home. this happened just after midnight. the entire girl of the sedan was inside the house. in from theing basement. amazingly, nobody was injured. michelle: there is a growing search effort in montgomery county for a man who disappeared two weeks ago. adding to the concern, the police say a woman has been using john donahoe's credit card. anna-lysa gayle has the efforts to track down that woman and find donahoe. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: tonight john donahoe's family members are desperate for answers. this is one of the last places his credit card was used, at this beauty supply store on annapolis road in hyattsville. before john donahoe left his parents' bethesda
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, everything seemed normal, but two weeks later the police are noticing signs that are not usual. >> his credit card has been used. >> we are very concerned right now. anna-lysa: they say since donahoe was reported missing, a woman has charged roughly $700 worth of items. surveillance video captured in the store shows are entering, making a purchase, then leaving. donahoe's 2011 chevy equinox is still missing. >> his credit card was used by a female at a beauty supply store in hyattsville. it was also used at various retail stores. anna-lysa: the family has been working with detective since his disappearance. >> we need to find him, wherever he is. >> detectives don't have any reason to believe the use of the card is an associate of mr. donahoe or the family. anna-lysa:
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university of maryland university college. >> detectives are actively investigating every case until its conclusion. we hope this has a successful one and a happy ending. anna-lysa: a spokesperson for working withy are detectives to figure out where john donahoe is located. they are also hoping for his safe return. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. anathan: amazon is fighting court order requiring the tech giant to hand over information for a murder suspect's echo smart speaker. the man is accused of killing his coworker in arkansas last year. prosecutors want to know if his echo speaker was online and sending audio to amazon. >> we went to a judge and presented evidence to establish probable cause to search that device, just like we would se
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phone. attorney sayss' her client has nothing to hide, but the request raises privacy concerns. echo begins recording when the user uses a certain word and stops recording once the question or request has been processed. michelle: the brother of theenet ramsey is suing producers of a special for $750 million. he says his reputation was after the series concluded he killed the six-year-old beauty queen. body was found's in the basement of the boulder, colorado, home the day after christmas. prosecutors cleared her brother and her parents based on dna evidence. began when a case person and his sister were playing your their grandmother's hous
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one of the boulders they were climbing on moved, trapping the sister. >> she was sitting like this, and then it was shaking. i said, oh, no. then she started to fall. jonathan: niklas yelled for help and try to move the boulder himself. it took at least six people to rescue the girl for stop she remains in the hospital with broken bones, but she will be ok. molly: tonight, the temperatures coming back into the 30's. increasing cloud cover and some rain after midnight. could see a little wintery mix at the onset, but that is pretty much it. plain old rain tomorrow. not too many worries, but this is the main thing we are tracking, a very fast-moving cold front bringing severe weather earlier across tennessee, into charleston, west virginia. the next stop will be right around the rush-hour commute. 3:30 a.m., notice the shades
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of blue and pink near hagerstown. spots cannot be ruled out. the winter weather advisory is in effect, but it will be a quick changeover to rain. that is good. just be careful on untreated sidewalks. nothing too widespread. a.m., the rain increases gaithersburg into silver spring, back to d.c., baltimore, and annapolis. a very quick hitting cold front. noon, one, things are clearing out. daytime highs tomorrow, 47 degrees. the morning showers giving way to afternoon sunshine and windy. we have a wind advisory in effect for the far western regions, but it will be breezy and the d.c. metro with wind gusts getting into the lower 30's. the new year's eve forecast, mostly cloudy skies. but it stays dry, upper 30's, lower 40's. we definitely need the heavier jacket. the ex
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chance of wet weather the later half of sunday, with a high of 46. also on monday, but sunshine tuesday with a temperature of 57 degrees. things are looking quite mild before the cooldown late next week. michelle, over to you. michelle: very nice, especially when you consider scenes like this in colorado, where at least 25 cars were involved in a pilot on a snow-covered road. -- in a pileup on a snow-covered road. a tv reporter was involved in the crash and began shooting video. nobody was seriously hurt. jonathan: they always say to stay inside of your car in those pileups. michelle: because anything could happen. jonathan: up next, stopping floodwaters at metro.
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this will make for an interesting commute, and it did, the giant geyser of water east of downtown. it made the commute really tricky. at one point it was taller than a telephone pole. city crews worked to shut off the flow. no word on what caused the geyser, but they got it shut down. michelle: a memorable scene, water reaching down the escalator and stairs, flooding part of a metro station. today worked again to stop that from happening again. transportationof is performing soil samples nearby. they're trying to determine how much water the ground can handle. that search for answers comes at a cost. parking on connecticut avenue could be off-limits during business hours until january 6. jonathan: coming up in sports, will the giants play their starters?
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their coach says yes. plus, bradley beal injured his ankle.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: don
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wizards have now won seven straight at home. john wall recorded his first career game with 36 points and 11 rebounds. the last wizards guard to do that was michael jordan. his gooder followed up game monday with 22 tonight. including that huge three late in the fourth. this night belonged to john wall. he was just one assist shy of a triple-double. the wizards win, 111-105. had eight limited players today, including jordan reed, who made significant progress. new yorkn must beat sunday to have a chance to make the playoffs. on the flip side, the giants are already in the playoffs. but think that means head coach ben mcadoo won't play his starters. he said today he
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win the game. head coach jay gruden says he is not focused on the playoffs either. coach gruden: we have put a lot of time into worrying what else happens after the game sunday if we are fortunate enough to win the game. right now it's all about the giants. yas looking to win their seventh game in a row in the big east. at marquette tonight. georgetown put up a good fight, down eight late. marcus howard. the hoyas lose by 10. acc opener in louisville. numbers looking for win 11. they would do it handily. virginia with the early lead. they won. and bradley beal injured his ankle tonight. says hech scott brooks is day to day. it was nasty to watch. jonathan:
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couple days. erin:
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jonathan: before we go, a last look at a growing tribute to a hollywood icon, more stars only hollywood -- more flowers on the highly with star of debbie reynolds. debbie reynolds was 84. michelle: so sad. we know there is rain tomorrow? molly: that's right, give extralf 10, 15 minutes for the rush-hour. sunshine at lunchtime. new year's eve looking good comes sunshine during the day, clear at night. the temperatures about average. jonathan: amazing what happens when you add the rain to the commute. the careful. jimmy kimmel is next. michelle: have a great night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news but that's the way it has to be sometimes.


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